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    Here are foods, products, services and ideas from around the Web I have reviewed on Shockingly Delicious.

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    Amaize Sweet White Corn
    Angelcots (Frieda’s Produce)
    Ataulfo mangos (Melissa’s Produce)
    Baby Kiwi (Melissa’s Produce)
    Baby Pineapple (Melissa’s Produce)
    Black Cherry Tomatoes (Melissa’s Produce)
    Black Muscato Grapes (Melissa’s Produce)
    Black Velvet Apricots (Melissa’s Produce)
    Cherimoya (Melissa’s Produce)
    Crimson Gold Apples (Melissa’s Produce)
    Green Fuji Pluots (Melissa’s Produce)
    Gold Nugget Tangerines (Melissa’s Produce)
    Golden Velvet Apricots (Melissa’s Produce)
    Ojai Pixie Tangerines (Melissa’s Produce)
    Kishu Mandarins (Tangerines) (Melissa’s Produce)
    Lemon Plums (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)
    Melogold Grapefruit (Melissa’s Produce)
    Heirloom Apples
    (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)
    Champagne Grapes (Melissa’s Produce)
    Organic Plum Bites (Melissa’s Produce)
    Cocktail Grapefruit (Melissa’s Produce)
    Heirloom Tomatoes (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)
    Murcott Tangerines (Melissa’s Produce)
    Seedless Lemons (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)
    Opal Apples
    Sumo Citrus (Melissa’s Produce)
    Sweet Young Coconut (Melissa’s Produce)
    Feijoas (Melissa’s Produce)
    Fresh Lychees (Melissa’s Produce)
    Korean Pears (Melissa’s Produce)
    Loquats (Melissa’s Produce)
    Peach-a-rines (Melissa’s Produce)
    4 Persimmon varieties (Melissa’s Produce)
    Plumogranate Plumcots (Melissa’s Produce)
    Seville Oranges (Melissa’s Produce)
    Starkrimson Pears (Melissa’s Produce)
    Sweet Dreams Peaches (Melissa’s Produce)
    Ugli (or Uniq) Fruit (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)


    Tri-colored Cauliflower (Frieda’s Produce)
    Radish MiniSticks
    (Dandy Foods)

    Baby Artichokes (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)
    Beet Greens
    Fresh Garbanzo Beans (Melissa’s Produce)
    Hatch Chiles (Melissa’s Produce)
    Ready-to-Eat Roasted Baby Dutch Potatoes
     (Melissa’s Produce)
    Spicy Edamame Bowls (Melissa’s Produce)
    Simply Delicious Carrot Creations (Grimmway Farms)
    CravOn Fries (CravOn)
    Idahoan Steakhouse Scalloped Red Potatoes 
    (Idahoan Foods)
    Baby Dutch Yellow Potatoes (Melissa’s Produce)
    Kale Sprouts (Melissa’s Produce)
    Red Savina Chile Peppers (Melissa’s Produce)


    Tortatos (R.W. Garcia)
    Crunchies dehydrated fruits and vegetables

    Custom Fortune Cookies
     (Super Accurate Fortune Cookies)
    Girl Scout Candy Bars (Nestle Crunch)
    That’s It Fruit Bars (That’s It)
    Mint Chocolate Probiotic Chocolate Bar (Attune Foods)
    Crispy Cassava Root Chips (CrispRoot)
    Sunbelt Bakery Bars (Sunbelt Bakery)
    Green Giant Snack Chips (Green Giant)
    VitaTops Carrot Cake Muffin (Vitalicious)
    Roasted Chickpea Snacks (The Good Bean)
    Coconut Mango Oat Muffins (The Kitchn)
    Sweet and Salty Popcorn (G.H. Cretors)

    Beans, Legumes

    Black-Eyed Peas (Melissa’s Produce)
    Cannelini Beans (Bush’s)
    Steamed Lentils (Melissa’s Produce)
    6-Bean Medley (Melissa’s Produce)


    Chocolate Cheddar Cheese (Trader Joe’s)
    Cashel Blue Cheese (Kerrygold)
    Yoplait Greek Yogurt
    Goat Feta (Redwood Hill Farm)

    Goat Yogurt (Redwood Hill Farm)
    Greek Style Yogurt with Honey  (Karoun)
    Greek Cream Cheese (Green Mountain Farms)
    Great Midwest Flavored Cheeses
    (Great Midwest)
    Parfait inspiratation (Redwood Hill Farm)
    Pasteurized eggs (Davidson’s Safer Eggs)
    Sargento Cheeses (Sargento)
    Skellig Sweet Cheddar (Kerrygold)


    Gallo Sweet White Blend
    Gallo Cafe Zinfandel
    Gallo Merlot
    Gallo Pinot Grigio
    Gallo Cabernet
    Gallo Hearty Burgundy
    Strawberry Moonshine (Ole Smoky)
    Cranberry Sgroppino (The Spot Gourmet)
    Cocobon Wine (Trader Joe’s)
    Rhubarb Tea spirit (Art in the Age)
    Sage Flavored Spirit
     (Art in the Age)

    Oat Works Oatmeal Smoothies
    Oat Beverage (Sneaky Pete’s)

    Acai with Blueberry + Pomegranate (Sambazon)
    MOAB Superfruit Blends (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)

    Puro Fairtrade Coffee
    Botanical Teas (Alvita)
    Green and Lean Tea (Pure Health Nature)
    Magnum Exotics coffee (Magnum Exotics)
    Tea of a Kind (Tea of a Kind)
    Nuvia Trim Instant Coffee (Nuvia Cafe)
    Nuvia Instant Coffee (Nuvia Cafe)


    Evan’s Heavenly Spelt Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix (Among Friends)
    Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Pillsbury)
    Rosemary Apricot Bars
    by Kelli Abrahamian
    “Summer Collection” Macarons (Sucre)

    Mini Pies
    (Cutie Pie That!)

    Orange Bundt Cake
    (Two Broads Abroad)

    Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

    Fresh Ready-To-Use Crepes in a Package (Melissa’s Produce)


    Herbs and Spices
    Phil’s 21 Spice Rub
    Dorot Frozen Herbs
    Flavor Bombs
    Taste of Thailand, Taste of Tuscany herb blends (Gustus Vitae Condiments)
    Black Garlic (Frieda’s Speciality Produce)
    Colman’s Dry Mustard (Colman’s)
    Mulling Spice Mix (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)

    Oils and Vinegars
    Arianna Trading Company Organic Raw Unfiltered Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 
    Blood Orange Olive Oil (Hotel Valencia)
    Calolea Olive Oils and Vinegars
    Fresh Pressed Olive Oil (Calolea)
    Malibu Olive Company Super Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Malibu Olive Company)

    Extracts and Syrups
    Heilala Vanilla Syrup (Heilala Vanilla)
    Organic Vanilla Extract (Nielsen-Massey)

    Not Ketchup and here  (Not Ketchup)
    Better Than Bouillon (Superior Touch)
    Gluten-Free Soy Sauce (San-J)
    Saucy Mama Fancy Mustards (Barhyte)
    Saucy Mama Smoky Garlic Mustard (Barhyte)
    Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup (Traina Foods)
    Salt-Free Marinades (Mrs. Dash)

    Jams, Preserves, Spreads and Salsas
    Banana Jam

    Fleur de Tiare Jam
    Mango Salsa (Homeboy Industries)
    Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter
    Thai Green Curry Paste (ThaiFoods)

    Low-Sodium Chicken Broth (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
    Sugar Can Swizzle Sticks (Frieda’s Specialty Produce)
    Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes (Mooney Farms)
    Onion Crunch (The Crunchy Condiment Company)

    Gift Boxes, Gift Baskets

    Special Occasion Fruit Basket from Melissa’s Produce
    Baking Season Gift Box from Heilala Vanilla

    Grains, Breads

    Cherry Coconut Cereal (Be Real)
    Chia seeds
    (Melissa’s Produce)
    Ezekiel Bread (Food for Life)
    Linwoods Super Foods (Linwoods)
    Polenta in a tube (Frieda’s Produce)


    Fork in the Road Uncured Pastrami
    Cedarlane Frozen Foods

    Pork Tenderloin
    , Portobello marinated (Smithfield)
    Honey Chipotle Salmon (Sea Cuisine)

    Arby’s Grand Turkey Club

    Tasty Bite Instant Meals
     (Tasty Bite)
    Fresh Brothers Pizza (Fresh Brothers)
    Sunbelt Bakery Granola (Sunbelt Bakery)
    Red’s All Natural Burritos (Red’s)
    Angel Hair Pasta (Dreamfields)

    Cookware and Gadgets

    Ronco Countertop Rotisserie Oven
    Stephen’s Stovetop BBQ

    Teacarina (teacup ocarina)
    Green Cycler
    iCoffee coffeemaker
    VinoVinti wine gadget (VinoVinti)

    Bamboo Surfboard-shaped Wooden Cutting/Serving Board (Totally Bamboo)
    Smart Touch Salad Spinner
    Poly-Boo Two-Sided Cutting Board (Totally Bamboo)
    Zyliss Safety Can Opener (Zyliss)
    ProCook Elite 12-inch Frypay
    T-Fal Frying Pan (T-Fal)
    Disposable Grill Liner (Clean BBQ)
    Produce Sac (Beneterre)
    Martha Stewart 6-qt enamel pot
    Petite Santoku Knife (Cutco)


    Food Photography Blog/Classes (MDR Photography)
    Monthly Bestowed Box Service
    Organic Food Box Delivery in Southern California (Melissa’s Produce)
    Monthly Petit Amuse Sample Box (Petit Amuse)

    Fun and Games

    National Food Photography Day
    The Hungry Games” by Peter Sachs
    Sandwich Bag Art by David LaFerriere
    The Orange County Fair
    Cheese Grater Earring Holder (Organized 31)
    Soda Slushy (Huffington Post)
    Chef Jamie Gwen’s Radio Show at KFWB 980 (Chef Jamie Gwen)
    The Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer
    Personalized Dog Tag Necklace
    Bacon Paintings
    4th of July American Flag Cake (Dessarts)
    California Pan
    Local Baking Hotline (The Gourmandise School of Sweets and Savories)
    My Fruity Faces (My Fruity Faces)
    Kale Gummy Worms (Cut ‘n Clean)
    Bacon Heart (Mark Geno)
    Guide to Mexican Cheese
    Mashed Potato Snowmen by Rebecca Robison
    Dylan’s Candy Bar

    From Around the Web

    DIY craft-type things (non food)

    Printable Table Cards by Brandie (Blog: Home Cooking Memories)
    Thanksgiving Printable Placemat
     by Jamey (Blog: Dabbles & Babbles)
    DIY Chalkboard Labels
     by Arlene (Blog: Four On My Face)
    DIY Recipe Cards Using Picmonkey by Brandie (Blog: Home Cooking Memories)
    DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub (Blog: Add a Pinch)
    Wood Butter by Barb (Blog: Creative Culinary)

    Foodie links

    Taco Bowls (The Garden Pantry)
    Mac and Cheese with Kale by Erika (Blog: In Erika’s Kitchen)
    Lady Bug Appetizers (Spice of Life)
    Ode to Hummus by Jeanne (Blog: Jolly Tomato)
    DIY Dry Age Your Own Steak by Pamela (Blog: My Man’s Belly)
    Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven (Blog: The Burlap Bag)
    Balsamic Glaze by Valentina (Blog: Cooking on the Weekends)
    Secret to Perfectly Ripened Avocados (Mimi Avocado)
    Peach Coffee Cake by Michelle (Blog: Brown Eyed Baker)
    October Unprocessed (Blog: Eating Rules)
    Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cubes (Blog: Cute Food For Kids)
    15-minute Chicken Thighs (Erika Kerekes)
    Cooking Oil Chart (Blog: Eating Rules)
    Breakfast Flow Chart (Blog: Eating Rules)
    Spill-Proof Burger (Blog: The Sunday Dinner Revival)
    Christmas Fruit Tree (Blog: Ginger and Garlic)
    DIY Dried Herbs in the Microwave (King Arthur Flour)
    Swiss Chard and Salumi Tart (Small Pleasures Catering)
    Tomato Tulips (Polish Blog Version Here)
    Mummy Meatloaf (Blog: The Knead for Speed)
    Halloween Pumpkin Quesadillas (Blog: Cake, Batter and Bowl)


    Unicorn Fart Cookies by Pamela (Blog: My Man’s Belly)
    4-Minute Brownie Pie by Nancy (Blog: A Communal Table)
    Making Cronuts at Home (The Daily Meal)
    Cereal Birthday Cake by Stacy (Blog: Not Just a Housewife)
    Toasted Marshmallow Krispy Treats (Big Red Kitchen)
    Nutella Dessert Pizza (Rosti Tuscan Chicken)
    Slimy Snacks (Parenting.com)
    Candy Corn Jell-O Shots (Blog: That’s So Melissa)
    Coconut Blondies with Toffee and Macadamias (Picture-perfect meals)
    Mini Ice Cream Cones (Blog: The Moody Fashionista)
    Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cookies (Blog: The Church Cook)
    Rose Cookies (Blog: I Am Baker)
    Watermelon Rice Krispies (Blog: Dine and Dish)
    Salted Caramel Chocolate Bars (Blog: Kitchen Runway)


    Using Peanut Butter to Remove the Sticky Adhesive From Jars (Veggie Grettie)
    Use Walnuts to Fix Furniture Scrapes (Babble)
    Calibrate Your Instant-Read Thermometer (New York Times)

    Tedx Talk by Robyn O’Brian
    Call Me Cuffs 

    From ShockD’s Kitchen

    Blue Goat Fig Bagel Panini
    Vanilla Sugar

    Chia Seed Pudding
    Quick Fix for Stale Cheetos
    Bumble Bee Squad
    Portobello Mushroom Burger
    Making Sure Your Baking Powder/Baking Soda Are Still Fresh
    Grapes as Ice Cubes
    Spiral Cut Hotdogs
    Mango Caprese Salad
    Redbor Kale
    Nutella Fudge Brownies
    Meyer Lemon Chess Pie
    Snowmen Pancakes
    Christmas Lights Bites
    Heirloom Peanut Brittle
    Witches Digits
    The Best Damn Meyer Lemon Cake
    Eggnog French Toast

    Home-grown Sugar Snap Peas