Delicious, Easy Nutella Recipes for World Nutella Day

by Dorothy Reinhold on February 3, 2016

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Friday, Feb. 5, is World Nutella Day.

I know, I know…why isn’t EVERY day World Nutella Day? Because then it wouldn’t be special, would it?

So grab your jar and your biggest spoon and go to town on that evil chocolate-hazelnut stuff. You have everyone’s permission, and you don’t need to hide in the closet to sneak your Nutella on this day.

If you’d like to celebrate by making something slightly more fancy with your Nutella, try any of these wonderful, easy recipes!

Nutella Hot Chocolate | ShockinglyDelicious.comNutella Hot Chocolate — only 2 ingredients!

Nutella Fudge Brownie | ShockinglyDelicious.comNutella Fudge Brownies — 4 ingredients

Nutella Ice Cream | ShockinglyDelicious.comNutella Ice Cream — 5 ingredients

Nutella Meringues | ShockinglyDelicious.comNutella Meringues — 4 ingredients

What’s YOUR favorite Nutella recipe?


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