• Best New Hostess Gift — Kale Bouquet!

    by Dorothy Reinhold on September 21, 2011

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    A dinner party last weekend required a hostess gift.

    Earlier that day, I had spent some time weeding my vegetable garden, and was marveling at the verdant lacinato kale plants — all four of them! — that are going great guns.

    Light bulb moment…what about a bouquet of fresh kale for my friend who was having us over for dinner? She loves to cook, and is on a mission to serve her family healthy foods.  I gathered some greens and tied them up with a ribbon.

    It was a success! She was delighted with it, and a day later, sent this e-mail:

    “Sautéed your Kale with Olive oil, Kosher Salt, Currants and Pine Nuts. It is all gone… Yum yum!”

    Kale in the gardenKale up closeKale leaf

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