10 Great Costumes for Food Bloggers’ Kids!

by Dorothy Reinhold on October 24, 2015

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It’s not easy being the kid of a food blogger. Just ask mine!

There’s all that posing with the produce, being the hand model for a fork holding a perfect bite of cake, testing the cookies that arrive in the mail, emptying the dishwasher twice a day when mom is on a cooking binge…it’s hellish, I tell you!

And then there’s Halloween, when mom wants you to go as some funny food. Here are some fabulously creative examples I picked up from my social media feeds. I love the brilliance!

Morton Salt Girl costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com1. The Morton Salt girl! 

Pot of coffee costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com2. Pot o’ coffee!

Baby hot dog cart costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com3. Baby hot dog cart!

Crab Cake costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com4. Crab Cake (get it? a crab on top of a cake…get it? I love this so much because it is witty AND cute!)

Marshmallow on the campfire costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com5. Marshallow on the campfire!

Milk and cookies costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com6. Milk and cookies!

Original Recipe KFC costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com7. Original Recipe KFC!

Mom food blogger costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com8. A mom food blogger! (This costume is scariest of all…baby in one hand, wine in the other, apron on ready for anything!)

Instagram costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com9. Instagram! (Food bloggers are required to Instagram every bite they eat, or make, or buy, or think about…or they’re kicked out of the club.)

Vending machine costume for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com10. Vending machine! (What our kids are eating after they toss those date-chia-kale-quinoa-gluten-free-granola-bars we lovingly made them. Adore this creativity! Credit: FamilySpice.com)

Am I right?

What is your best food-related costume?

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