• Impromptu Cran-Apple Tuna Salad with Fresh Herbs

    by Dorothy Reinhold on June 6, 2011

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    Some days, you don’t really need precise measurements, or even a recipe. There is no need to dirty measuring spoons, or make a big deal out of an exacting formula. Eyeball it!

    Such was lunch yesterday, when I had four hungry mouths and two cans of tuna. How to make a light, bright lunch from it?

    Add Craisins and a chopped apple for sweetness, a handful of fresh herbs for pungency, and a couple of easy sliced veggies (celery, orange bell pepper) for color and crunch. A squirt of this and that for a clean-tasting dressing (plus the oil from the tuna so no need for mayo!), and lunch is ready.

    One bowl. No measuring spoons. It turned out to be a rainbow in a bowl!

    And everyone raved and asked for it again!

    Now you try it. Improvise as you like.

    Impromptu Cran-Apple Tuna Salad with Fresh Herbs

    Impromptu Cran-Apple Tuna Salad with Fresh Herbs

    • Genova Tuna in olive oil2 (5- or 6-ounce) cans solid light tuna in olive oil (Genova brand preferred; you will use the oil)
    • 1 apple, skin left on, cored and chopped
    • 1-2 celery ribs, chopped
    • Half an orange bell pepper, cored and chopped
    • Handful Craisins, hydrated in hot water and drained
    • Handful fresh Italian parsley, stems off, chopped
    • Handful fresh dill, stems off, chopped
    • Squirt of Dijon mustard (Grey Poupon brand preferred)
    • Big squeeze fresh lemon juice (Meyer lemon if you have it; juice from about half a lemon)

    Put tuna AND its oil in a mixing bowl (the oil will be the start of the dressing). Add all other ingredients, eyeballing amounts to suit yourself. Stir well to combine, and serve!

    I served this with a piece of herby focaccia alongside, but you could also use it as a tuna sandwich filling.


    • You could add some chopped cucumber or zucchini, some carrots (shreds or a small chop), some sliced scallions or whatever other veggies you find in the veggie drawer.
    • Substitute canned salmon instead of the tuna (and since canned salmon doesn’t come packed in olive oil, drain it, pick out the bones, and add a few squirts of high-quality extra-virgin olive oil to the bowl).


    Impromptu Cran-Apple Tuna Salad with Fresh Herbs

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