• Dorothy’s Tapenade Tomatoes

    by Dorothy Reinhold on August 13, 2012

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     If we can call a two-ingredient concoction a “recipe” — and I think we can since I make the rules here in ShockD land — this is my favorite no-brainer summer appetizer recipe.

    Cherry tomatoes in backyardGrab some cherry tomatoes out of the back yard or from the farmers market – pick up some yellow Sun Golds if you can find them – dollop on some tapenade, which is a fancy word for olive spread, and call it done. The natural sweetness of the tomato paired with the sharp, salty olive spread makes a party right there in your mouth.

    I have a great recipe for tapenade  if you want to make it yourself (a quick whirl in the food processor), but I won’t scold if you buy a jarred version. It’s hot out there; conserve your strength!

    Cherry tomatoes on a paper towel

    Allow cut cherry tomatoes to dry out a bit on a paper towel.

    Filling cherry tomatoes with tapenade

    Use a baby spoon to spread the tapenade.

    Make a lot of these. They are easy to pop into your mouth, and are addictive.

    Tapenade Tomatoes on a leaf serving plate

    Recipe: Dorothy’s Tapenade Tomatoes

    Summary: Cherry tomatoes dolloped with tapenade are the best two-ingredient summer appetizer ever! The sweet tomato paired with the sharp, salty olives is perfect!


    • 1 basket cherry tomatoes
    • 1 jar prepared tapenade (chopped olive-caper spread), or homemade tapenade
    • For serving platter: 1 bunch fresh cilantro or Italian parsley (optional)


    1. Using a very sharp, thin knife, slice cherry tomatoes in half at the equator. Lightly tap cut half on a paper towel to absorb extra juice. Spread each half with a small dollop of prepared tapenade (use a baby spoon if you have one handy).
    2. Rinse cilantro and dry in a salad spinner or roll in a paper towel to dry. Arrange leaves on a pretty serving plate as a bed of greens. Set each tomato half, cut side up, on the cilantro-covered plate. This helps the tomato halves set securely so they don’t roll around.
    3. Serve at room temperature.
    4. Make as many as you need, allowing 3-4 halves for each person.

    Quick notes

    You can find prepared tapenade, which is sometimes called olive spread, near the other jarred olives in a well-stocked supermarket. Trader Joe’s also sells a good version.

    Preparation time: 20 minutes
    Diet type: Vegetarian, Vegan
    Number of servings (yield): 8
    My rating 5 stars:  ★★★★★ 

    Cherry tomatoes growing in the back yard

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