Food Poetry for World Poetry Day

by Dorothy Reinhold on March 21, 2014

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It is World Poetry Day today, and I’d like to highlight the food poetry on Shockingly Delicious.

Say what? Poetry on a food blog?

Yes, Shockingly Delicious has a surprising amount of poetry, I discovered when I went spelunking into the archives! I made a poetry collection link, so you can find it quickly later, but here are some of my favorites:

Poem about my favorite kitchen tool, by a professional poet

The Kitchen Shears Speak, by Christianne Balk

Let Us Give ThanksA poem that always makes me cry

Let us Give Thanks, by Max Coots (2010)

Read this out loud to appreciate how clever it is

Ode to Turducken, by Tom Stipanowich

Poems about favorite foods

Ode to Bacon by the folks at Smithfield
Pi Day Pieku, by me!

Poems by my relatives

Ode to a Canning Jar, by Andrew Shaner
If Turkeys Thought, by Elena Reinhold (2012)

Ode to a canning jar |

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