Kitchen Gardener: Grow Green Onions From Cuttings!

by Dorothy Reinhold on April 1, 2012

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Did you know you can grow green onions from the cut ends of a bunch of scallions?

I didn’t either, but it works brilliantly! Even if you think you have a brown thumb, this is going to work for you.

I might never have to buy scallions again.

Instead of calling ourselves Kitchen Gardeners, we might have to call ourselves Grocery Gardeners!

It’s a simple trick.

Scallions1. Buy a bunch of scallions (organic preferred).

Scallions2. Whack the root end off. Leave oh…1 1/2-2 inches or so. Use the top green ends for your recipe. Make something delicious!

scallions3. Grab them and…

scallions in water4. …plunk the roots into a vase or glass of clean water. Put them in a window that has daylight.

scallions note5. Put a note on them so you know when you started them. Why? Because it’s fun to see how long it takes. They will begin growing immediately.  You’ll get up one morning and swear they grew an inch overnight!  (Not unlike your children in that regard :)Please change out the water when it begins to look cloudy or murky. Just dump the water and replace. 

scallions growing

6. These took only only 13-15 days to get to their full-size former height.  I plan to cut them and attempt another regeneration. I wonder how many bunches of scallions I can grow from the original bunch? I will report back when I know how many consecutive times it works.

Note: I am indebted to the charming blogger Sumptuous Spoonfuls for the initial idea. You can see her post on it here, in case you don’t believe me that it worked, because she did it, too! But I am pretty much a “show me” kind of gal, so I need to prove things to myself before I believe or recommend them.

Now go write “organic scallions” on your
shopping list, and you try it, too!

Send me a photo of your
kitchen window scallions,”
and I’ll post it!

Gallery of Grocery Gardeners:

This one is from Kim at Rustic Garden Bistro! She’s clearly an overachiever with several glasses full!

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