Fried Egg with Cilantro Pesto — Breakfast!

by Dorothy Reinhold on June 29, 2011

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This doesn’t need a lot of explanation.

1. Wake up hungry.

2. Fry an egg, over easy. (Use Safest Choice eggs for safety. They are fresh eggs pasteurized in the shell, which prevents salmonella. Remember, if you serve an egg with a liquidy yolk, it is considered raw. The yolk must be cooked firm/hard for it to be considered cooked and hot enough to kill salmonella. Sorry for the buzz kill, but facts are facts.)

3. Dollop on this brilliant Cilantro Pesto, which you happen to have made the night before (or minutes before). Don’t worry, the cilantro is totally tamed by the olive oil. It won’t be a Mexican fiesta in your mouth for breakfast. It will, however, spruce up the egg very nicely.

4. Eat breakfast and be grateful for the deliciousness that is your morning.

P.S. My mother says to put this on toast, to sop up the egg. That would certainly make it superior to a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin! And blogger Average Betty suggests a corn tortilla (see her comment below). I like both ideas!

That is all!

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