Donut Cake

by Dorothy Reinhold on March 3, 2012

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It pains me to say this, but….

Best. Birthday. Cake. EVER!

Donut Cake on Shockinglydelicious.comWe foodies pride ourselves on hand-making all birthday cakes, no matter how humble. We know that a homemade cake is far superior to a store-bought cake, no matter how fancy the store. It  just is.

So imagine, if you will, my pain, when I asked my about-to-be-10 son what flavor cake he wanted for his party.

“Not to hurt your feelings, Mom, but could I have a donut cake?”


What’s that, I wondered?

“You go to the Krispy Kreme store and order it!” he chirped.

Acccck! And let me say that again…ACCCCK!

I swallowed my pride, we ordered it, and on party day, picked up this lovely creation — thirty-six regular glazed donuts, then frosted with colored frosting on top of that, some with sprinkles, stacked up in rows, topped with some soccer figures the manager bought at Michaels.

Easy — pick up the phone or visit the store.
Personalized — you choose the donut varieties you like, the frosting colors, the decorative elements and the size.
Easy to serve — there are no knives needed to cut it.
No fussy kids — each partygoer grabs a donut after you blow out the candles. They can choose whatever color suits them, rather than begging the cake cutter for a frosting rose, a small piece, a big piece, an end piece, and middle piece.

CONS: None, other than the obvious two.
Insulin shock. Can we say double frosting (the regular glaze topped with colored frosting).
Leftovers. You don’t want these left on your counter at home. Because then you will eat them. And eat them. And eat them, until they are gone. Advice: make the partygoers eat them all!

OVERALL: A huge win!

Donut Cake

(If you are the donut-making sort, you could no doubt make this yourself. It doesn’t look like rocket science. I am not the donut-making sort, and I was happy to consign the work to the pros. Suit yourself!)

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