• A Few of my Favorite Things — July Edition

    by Dorothy Reinhold on July 25, 2011

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    1. The way, when you turn your back, the zucchini on your plant balloons up to a gargantuan zucchini zeppelin in about 10 minutes! Don’t leave the house in the summer!

    2. This funny 5-minute video called How Kale Can Save the Worldby Sarah Jane Griesemer, who also has a blog called ILoveKale.com. I am <3 ing her!

    3. Oven bacon. Seriously.

    4. Nutella. Use a spoon and eat it out of the jar. I won’t tell.

    5. Mango Salsa from Homeboy Industries. You can buy it at Ralphs grocery store.

    Shark carved watermelon 6. Carved watermelons. They are just screamingly funny! I particularly like the shark and the surfer on the wave, since I am beach-adjacent.Surfer on wave carved watermelon

    7. How to Make a Tin Can Man for your garden, from Worth the Whisk. Ingenious!

    8. How to De-Kernal a Cob of Corn, the quick and easy way. A quick video tutorial!

    9. This ingenious technique for a Spill-Proof Burger, using an onion ring. Look at the last photo in this post, by Ginny of The Sunday Dinner Revival.

    10. And finally, I will leave you with a little method to transform spaghetti leftovers into something else even more delicious. It’s hard to beat leftover spaghetti. My friend Lori swears this does!

    Recipe: Lori’s Fried Spaghetti and Red Sauce

    From Lori Valesko, who says, “This beats simply nuking leftover spaghetti, hands down!”

    • Leftover spaghetti complete with tomato sauce
    • Olive oil

    Heat up some olive oil in a skillet. Get it very hot. Then dump in the pasta and cook until crispy on the edges. The slightly burnt tomato taste is FAB! Gives it a whole other flavor, but you have to be sure to almost burn it to get the crispy texture and “morph” the flavor of the red sauce. Caution: it can be messy as the red sauce is going to spatter like crazy, so be sure you have a lid for the pan or you will have red spatter everywhere!

    Side note: Lori Valesko runs BeachTrading.com, an online store that offers stylish board shorts, Hawaiian car seat covers, cool rash guards and other beachy essentials. She will offer Shockingly Delicious readers a discount. If you type in coupon code  shock, you can get 10% off anything in her store! Score!

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