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by Dorothy Reinhold on May 11, 2015

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Mother’s Day saw me gardening in the bright Southern California sunshine, my expectations raised for a delicious summer of strolling out to the back yard  to pick vegetables for that night’s dinner.

That’s the goal, but it’s also getting ahead of the game. First I had to fill my weed bucket with gnarly overgrown nonsense, get my nails gritty, my knees caked in dirt and my forearms scratched from plants I should have removed last fall but didn’t. Ah, the joys of the soil!

#OXOSpringGardening tools on

Luckily, my friends at OXO sent a box full of gardening implements to encourage me to get out there and muck around, and to urge you to do so as well.

First things first: My mom had pointed to a vacant pot on her balcony and asked me to fill it with succulents for her. Aye aye, captain!

Succulents waiting to be planted on ShockinglyDelicious.comLuckily, I had been keeping a starter area of little succulents. They were ready.

Succulent pot on ShockinglyDelicious.comThis was easy! This plants should grow in nicely, and won’t take much water (a big plus in dry So Cal). I love how the big purple one dominates, and the smaller ones below offer color and texture contrast. Come back and see this pot in 6 months.

Weed digging on ShockinglyDelicious.comNext up was clearing some weeds from  around my kumquat tree. This area used to be planted with strawberries.

Weeds getting dug up on ShockinglyDelicious.comMy favorite tool for this is the cultivator, which has three prongs. You dig it in, and it loosens the dirt enough to allow you to hand pull the weed AND its roots. If you simply pull the green part of the weed off, the roots are still in the soil and the plant will regrow, stronger than ever. No bueno, as we say here.

Strawberries being planted on ShockinglyDelicious.comOnce the area was clear, the new strawberry plants went in. I used the trowel to dig the perfect sized hole. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like walking out to the yard and picking a few choice ripe strawberries to pop into your mouth. I have to get them before the squirrels do, though.  😉

Planting bell peppers on ShockinglyDelicious.comThe trowel also made quick work of planting my three new colored bell pepper plants — get ready for purple, red and yellow in some recipes this summer!

Raking leaves on ShockinglyDelicious.comNext up was a little raking, with the cutest and most practical hand rake I ever used. Flip a switch on the handle, which extends the shaft, and the tines spread out. You can adjust it to service the width of the area you are working in. This, above, my friends, is a tangle of kale leaves. I let that kale plant get really out of control this year! Where has this rake been all my life?

Pruning the kale plant on

Finally I did a little pruning, using a bypass pruner. Every gardener needs one of these, whether it is for snipping errant branches…

Cutting flowers on

…or cutting a flower stalk to bring inside to a vase. The pruner needs to be sharp, fit your hand well, be comfortable and most of all, when you squeeze it, it needs to have lots of power to cut through a branch. This one does.

If you’d like to spruce up your garden and need some handy, practical, comfortable tools to help you along, I recommend these:

Outdoor Gardening with OXO

  • Constructed of high-quality stainless steel for durability and strength
  • Comfortable handle is non-slip, even when hands are wet
  • Cushioned handle absorbs pressure while digging
  • Large measurement markings at one-inch and one-centimeter intervals are easy to read
  • Trowel head is large for efficient digging and serrated edges make it easy to open bags and cut roots


  • Constructed of high-quality stainless steel for durability and strength
  • Comfortable, two-position handle provides extra strength and reach while striking
  • Serrated edge for cutting roots and opening bags
  • Sharpened string cutter


Hand Rake

  • Easily adjust and lock tine spread at any position
  • Retract to 3 inches for tight spaces and compact storage
  • Expand to 12 inches for clearing larger areas
  • Two-position handle for comfort and reach
  • Comfortable handle is non-slip, even when hands are wet

Outdoor Pour and Store Watering Can

  • Spout rotates back toward the body for easier filling and space-efficient storage
  • Water levels in the clear spout line up with measurement markings on the body for easy measuring
  • Continuous soft, non-slip handle for a comfortable, secure grip when carrying and pouring at all heights
  • Removable rose attachment stores conveniently in the back of the Can
  • 2.11gal/8L capacity
  • Comes in green, blue and fuchsia


  • Perfect for stirring and loosening soil, and pulling up weeds
  • Constructed of high-quality stainless steel for durability and strength
  • Two outer prongs longer than center prong to easily maneuver around plant stems
  • Comfortable, two-position handle provides extra strength and reach when striking and pulling

Bypass Pruners

  • Versatile bypass hand shears with 3/4-inch-diameter cutting capacity
  • Hardened, Teflon-coated, steel cutting blades provide maximum cutting strength
  • Conveniently located locking switch is accessible by both left- or right-handed users
  • Convenient for gardening and various yardwork projects
  • Soft, comfortable non-slip grip

Disclosure: OXO sent the garden tools for review. 

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