Fun with Food: Fruits and Veggies Sticker Game — Eat a Rainbow!

by Dorothy Reinhold on July 15, 2010

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We are playing the Fruits and Veggies Sticker Game! Want to play along?

We eat a prodigious amount of fruits and vegetables in the Shockinglydelicious house. The other day, when I brought home 2 pints of blueberries, my daughter, 12, put dibs on one entire pint for herself. “One for the family, and one for me,” she said, giving my son the prophylactic stink-eye.

Fruit and Veggie Sticker Game

Strawberries on counter...10 minutes later, 2 boxes gone, gone, gone!

When I bring home a half flat (six boxes) of strawberries from the grower’s truck, two will disappear within 10 minutes. A 3-pound tray of apricots suffers the same fate; each kid will score 4-5 at a time.

Nothing makes me happier than mangoes three for $1 in season, and I’ll buy 12 at a time. The grocery checkers think I’m a nutball. If the grower has them on his truck, a flat of them will jump into the car.

Fruit and Veggie Sticker Game

Here is our poster as of July 13, 2010

But let’s face it, we can all eat more of the good stuff, even if we think we are doing well. So the other day I had this lightbulb moment – I am always yelling at the family not to pick off those little stickers from the fruit and randomly decorate the cabinets, the counter, the sofa, etc. (Why they can’t just put them in the trash, I dunno, but they can’t. And yes, I do realize as problems go, this isn’t the most thorny.  I was having a mood, and I was sick of peeling off fruit stickers from any flat surface.)

So I made up a posterboard, put it on the frig and INVITED them to paste the fruit and veggie stickers on there. “Let’s fill it up as fast as possible,” I said, and we set to work.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress.

Fruits and Veggies Sticker Game

A box of mangoes awaits a delicious fate

Want to play along with us? We welcome any other families who want to play the Fruits and Veggies Sticker Game. Let’s see who can fill up the poster fastest!

Leave us a comment below to tell us you are playing. And send us a photo of you and your own Fruits and Veggies Sticker Game poster. It will be a delicious game!

Fruits and Veggies Sticker Game

You would think we were feeding an army! And this doesn't even show the berries, grapes and watermelon!

Ashley Ferbas and her canning jar of vegetables

One more veggie idea

And here’s another ingenious idea for a simple way to get your kids to eat more fresh veggies…serve them in a canning jar. Somehow, cute jar = more veggies down the hatch! You can read about it my article over on Malibu Patch.  My cover girl, Ashley, loves this canning jar strategy.

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