Adventures in Kale — Front Yard Farming for October Unprocessed

by Dorothy Reinhold on October 10, 2012

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If you have a pot, a patch of dirt, or even a front yard parkway, you are well on your way to being able to grow the current darling of the vegetable world, the “it” girl of the moment.

Grow kale in your front parkwayYep, I’m talking about kale. It’s easy to grow, naturally pretty no matter which variety you choose, versatile in the kitchen and downright delicious to eat, whether raw or cooked.

I’ve written an article about growing kale as part of October Unprocessed, the dynamic movement started by Andrew Wilder from Eating October Unprocessed badgeRules to eat unprocessed food for better health. He urges, and thousands of people have pledged to follow along, that we try eating unprocessed for a month, and see how much better we feel.

Please head over to my post at the blog Eating Rules today for the full story on how to grow your own kale.

Once you have your own adventure in kale, I promise you’ll never go back.

And once you grow your own kale, why don’t you try using it in a raw kale salad, like one of these:

1. Lemony kale salad with garbanzos and tuna

2. A spritely salad with creamy avocado and bright blood orange

3. A knockoff of a Trader Joe’s kale bistro salad that is better than the original 

Ready, set…let’s grow kale!
Redbor kale in the front parkway

Now want to see some great kale recipes?

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Allen October 12, 2012 at 2:05 pm

While I don’t want to return to pioneer life, I do try to incorporate some of those values into my modern-day cooking. October Unprocessed inspires me to think about every ingredient I cook with and to ask myself if it can be made in my (or Ma’s) home kitchen. Even though I make much from scratch, it’s eye-opening to realize that not all of the ingredients I use always qualify. I’m enjoying using whole ingredients and the process of “unprocessing” and the push to stretch and grow in my tiny kitchen (I’m sure Ma pulled out drawers on which to balance cutting boards, too).


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