• Introducing Gold Nugget Tangerines

    by Dorothy Reinhold on April 24, 2012

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    I never tire of discovering new-to-me varieties of citrus, and my children have never met a tangerine they didn’t love.

    That makes Gold Nugget Tangerines a double pleasure here.

    Gold Nugget TangerinesGold Nuggets are like the VW bug of tangerines — so ugly they’re cute! A very bumpy, deeply orange colored rind peels easily to reveal a very sweet tangerine hybrid. (Since you asked, it’s a cross between two noncommercial tangerine varieties: the Wilking and Kincy, by the University of California at Riverside. )

    This baby is half juice, and considered to be one of the finest flavored tangerines around. I agree this has a very full tangerine flavor, rich and sweet! In my book, the Ojai Pixie is still King, but this one is giving it a run for the money.

    They’re grown in California, and you’ll find them in a 1.5-pound bag, selling for about $2.99-$3.49. The season is right now, from April to mid-May, so get them while the gettin’s good.

    I’m in favor of simply eating these straight out of hand, but if you want a recipe, you could use the juice and zest for either this deliciously simple dressing/marinade/sauce, or this simply delicious frozen dessert.

    I’m gettin’ my tangerine on, if my kids leave any for me!

    Gold Nugget Tangerines

    A sample of this fruit was given to me by Melissa’s Produce.

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