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A Few of my Favorite Things — December 2011 Holiday Edition

1. Snowman Pancakes. They are too easy and too fun! How wonderful would it be to wake up to these any wintery morning? Instructions here. [1]

2. New favorite quote:
“If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”
–Meister Eckhart. [2] 

3. Christmas Lights Bites: Easiest, tastiest, sweet and salty holiday cookie on the planet! Recipe here [3]

Edible Fruit Tree [4]

Edible Fruit Tree from the blog Ginger & Garlic

4. Christmas Fruit Tree: From a blog called Ginger & Garlic [5]this clever fruit dessert is pretty enough to be a centerpiece! Blogger PJ tells you how to make it [6]. (Photo credit: Saurabh Deoras [7])

5. Soy candles: My living room is filled with the most wonderful smell of almond and vanilla, courtesy of the best smelling candle I ever met! Pure Integrity Soy Candles [8] employ new fragrance technology to pack in the smell, and have rightfully won awards for “best scented candle.” Bonus: they burn without harmful soot. I’m hooked. 

Cocktail Grapefruit [9]6. Cocktail Grapefruit: This is the sweetest, least acid grapefruit you will ever eat! It’s a cross between a mandarin and a pummelo, and if you are accustomed to sprinkling sugar on your grapefruit, hold back because these are exceptionally sweet. I cut them in half like I would a regular grapefruit, but you could also peel and eat the segments like you would an orange. They are grown in California’s Central Valley, and distributed by Melissa’s Produce [10]

[11]7. Eggnog French Toast: So good that if you don’t have any eggnog, you must scamper out and buy some, just to make this [12]

8. Funniest dumb food idea EVER: Candy cane hummus, on The Chew. What NOT to eat! Watch this little clip. [13]

9. Heirloom Peanut Brittle: Spanish peanuts are in the market right now! Recipe here.  [14]

10. This gorgeous Christmas tree relish tray, from the blog Coupon Clipping Cook. You can make it with her easy directions here [15].

Christmas Tree Relish Tray [16]

Christmas Tree Relish Tray from Coupon Clipping Cook

Want to see the rest of my favorite things for 2011? Go here. [17]