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Rainbow Food

Is anyone else as obsessed with rainbow food as I am?

It started a couple of years ago when I won a brownie decorating contest [1] sponsored by Wilton, the cake decorating company. That’s my 1st place creation, above. I’d like to say I mapped it out and planned my submission, but honestly it came about because time was up and I hadn’t done anything to the naked brownie, so I grabbed the various colors and made sense of them in the only way I could think of — the progression of colors in a rainbow.

ROY G BIV.  What’s that? Roy G Biv is a a mnemonic (memory aid) used to recall the order of the colors of a rainbow or the rainbow spectrum — red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet.

Raw Rainbow Kale Salad of the Gods | ShockinglyDelicious.com [2]And I realized that “rainbow” pretty much describes every meal we ought to eat (Raw Rainbow Kale Salad of the Gods [3], above)

Rainbow Salad for One with Leftover Ham | ShockinglyDelicious.com [4]…and every pretty salad I create, like the Rainbow Salad for One with Leftover Ham [5], above…

Vegan Mango Chickpea Kale Farro Salad | ShockinglyDelicious.com [6]…my Vegan Mango Chickpea Kale Farro Salad [7] (that’s a mouthful to say, eh?), above…

Tropical Fruity Tuna Salad on Shockingly Delicious [8]or a Tropical Fruity Tuna Salad [9], above.

Whether you favor rainbow food because it likely means you’re eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables (as you ought to be doing!), whether you’re celebrating Gay Pride Month (June) or rainbows associated with the lore of St. Patrick’s Day in March, it’s just fun to paint rainbows with your food.

Join me in the explosion of color on my Rainbow Food Pinterest board, and follow the board if you like. We can enable one another’s obsession!

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