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Succulent School: Growing Succulents in Unusual Containers

Succulents are so weird and wild and wonderful, you can set your creativity free when you propagate them. You can also fly your freak flag when you find unusual planters for them. Here are 2 videos that show you how to plant them in odd containers.

I encourage you, instead of buying fancy and expensive pots, to take a look around your house and garage and find some fun containers.

Dachshund succulent planterSuch as a wiener dog planter.

Succulents planted in oversize coffee cupOr an oversize coffee cup that makes a darling succulent planter.

Succulents planted in a basketLike a basket that arrived with wine and fancy foods, but has found a new home outside with succulents in it.

Bird cage made by Cindie Flannigan

If you do want to buy something, try a thrift store or an off-price store (TJ Maxx and Ross are favorites of mine). They have some interesting stuff, often on super sale, that you can re-purpose as a succulent planter, such as a wire bird cage like the one above! This thing looks so pretty when it is complete.

Succulent cuttings awaiting planting

Then go and get some succulent cuttings from the yard.

Succulents in new containersAnd then go to town planting them!

Succulent School Video, part 1 (14 minutes)

Denise Vivaldo, Cindie Flannigan and I talk about…

Succulent School Video, part 2 (12 minutes)

We talk about and show our handiwork…

Here’s a related post about succulents. I show you how to make a Succulent Heart for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Succulents in a Heart Box

See the Succulent Heart [1].

If you have any questions about succulents, or want to show off your own succulent garden or planter, put them in the comments below or send to me at Dorothy@shockinglydelicious.com! I would love to hear from you!