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Shockinglydelicious Thanksgiving 2010 Menu

We kept it simple this year because we were cooking at my house and bringing it to my mother’s house 1 1/2 hours away.

Last week, as I contemplated what might be easy to cook and transport, I recalled a Thanksgiving 5 years ago when my son was in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. We hadn’t expected him to be released in time for Thanksgiving, so we had no food in the house and no plans (other than to be at the hospital with him). Improbably, his doctor sprung him, and we rejoiced! On the way home, we bought some rotisserie chickens from Vons, a box of potato flakes for cheater mashed potatoes (with a few quick tweaks from the pantry!), some  fresh broccoli (to steam in the microwave), and a pie (horrors, the Pie Lady of Malibu bought a pie? Yesssss, and lived to tell about it!).

 It was the best Thanksgiving, EVER!

With that memory in mind, we tried to keep it relatively simple this year. We were delighted to be at the table with my mother and my husband’s parents. We counted our blessings to be able to have them all there.

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  ??? What did you serve for Thanksgiving???



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The menfolk fished while the womenfolk rustled up the grub