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Wordless Wednesday: Indian-Spiced Mushrooms and Lentils

Folks, this is really, really, REALLY good!

As we all attempt to eat more plant-based proteins, keep this recipe [1] in mind as anĀ Indian-inspired Meatless Monday entree!

The mushrooms taste meaty, the lentils supply protein, the spinach and tomatoes are just grand.

I served it for dinner with:

This recipe is from the darling blogger Stetted, [2] in Austin, Texas (Megan Myers, a copy editor in real life).

Confession: As a 25-year newspaper editor, I am in love with copy editors. Therefore, Megan could blog about a dirt sandwich and I would still be her fan!

Enough. This is supposed to be wordless, so I will stop.

Just make this recipe.