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Turkey Pesto Panini

Michelle Jackson [1]Certain people, such as super mom Michelle Jackson, make everything look easy.

Decide to make dinner for 400+ elementary school parents at Back-to-School Night? On a whim? Oh yes.

Offer to make a monthly bribe-worth Turkey Pesto Panini lunch for your child’s classroom if they all meet their reading requirement? Oh yes.

Don’t break a sweat doing it? Oh yes.

Turkey Pesto Panini pesto on bread [2]

First slather basil and sun-dried tomato pesto on bread.

Turkey Pesto Panini making sandwiches [3]

Then comes the turkey and Swiss cheese.

Turkey Pesto Panini on the panini press [4]

Sandwiches go onto a hot panini press.

Turkey Pesto Panini [5]

A little squirt of olive oil makes a crispy crust.

Turkey Pesto Panini sandwich in the press [6]

It only takes a minute or two, and then you get ...

Turkey Pesto Panini done on the grill [7]

...Panini Perfection!

Turkey Pesto Panini [8]

Slice into 3 or 4 pieces, for easy handling.

Michelle Jackson with her Turkey Pesto Panini [9]

Pile them onto a serving platter.

Kids getting lunch [10]

And call the students for lunch!

You can read get her recipe and read more about her here in my column [11] over at Malibu Patch today.