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Shockinglydelicious Saturday Cooking Class: Bacon in the Oven


Shockinglydelicious Bacon in the Oven

1 pound bacon (my preference is thick-cut, but suit yourself)
A 2-piece broiler pan with rack top (like the inexpensive one that came with your oven)
1 working oven!

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Lay bacon out on rack on broiler pan (the roasting or broiler pan with a slotted top that comes with most ovens works very well). You may place slices touching each other, or even overlapping slightly, since they will shrink while baking. Bake for about 25-30 minutes (5 minutes less if you like less crispy bacon). When bacon is done, carefully remove pan from oven, and using a tongs, remove bacon from broiler pan and lay bacon slices out on a plate covered with paper towels. Cover bacon with another paper towel, and press lightly to soak up excess fat.

Serve immediately, or allow bacon to cool on plate, and when cool, place in plastic zipper-top storage bag or another tightly closed container. Refrigerate until needed.

Allow bacon fat to cool in bottom of broiler pan, and when it is cool, pour it into a small glass container, label it and store it in the refrigerator. An egg fried in a tiny dab of bacon fat is shockinglydelicious for breakfast!

For easy bacon in the morning, take out 1 or 2 pieces and warm up in the microwave oven on a paper plate for 5 seconds per slice.

This is obvious but I will say it anyway: You must use a 2-piece broiler pan with a rack on top and a pan on the bottom, to catch the bacon grease. Please don’t simply lay bacon slices over your oven racks, or you will have a big mess on your hands, and you will hate me.

Pig candy

After you perfect this technique and it becomes second nature to you, try Pig Candy, which is simply bacon with brown sugar sprinkled on top, done in the oven. Oh. My. Gosh. You have been warned.