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Nectresse Natural No Calorie Sweetener

Recipe: Breakfast Nectarine and Blueberry Parfait

Layer sweetened Greek yogurt, sliced nectarines, blueberries and granola for an easy, elegant breakfast.

1/3 cup Greek yogurt
1 packet Nectresse No Calorie Sweetener
1 nectarine, pitted
Handful fresh blueberries

Stir Nectresse into the yogurt (start with ½ packet and add more after you taste it if you desire) and layer it in a glass, adding the nectarine, blueberries and granola as you like.

Serves 1.

Journalist Lisa Ling, who has a family history of diabetes and because of that watches her sugar intake, is the Nectresse spokesperson. Here’s what she has to say about this new no-calorie sweetener:


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