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Meatless Monday: Fried Egg with Truffle Salt

Fried Egg with Truffle Salt

  • Bacon fat
  • 1 egg
  • Pinch grated cheese (optional)
  • Pinch truffle salt
  • Fresh ground pepper

In a small frying pan, heat a dab of bacon fat until it shimmers. Crack egg and ease it into the pan; reduce heat to low. Fry until most of egg white is opaque and cooked (a minute or so), then gently use a spatula to flip egg over. Top egg with a pinch of grated cheese (if you are using it), and a pinch of truffle salt. A tiny grind of fresh pepper would also be nice, if you like it.  Continue to fry egg for another minute or so, until the yolk is the way you like. I like a nearly firm yolk; others prefer a more liquidy yolk. Suit yourself.

Gently remove egg from pan onto a plate and eat immediately. Alternatively, get a fork and eat it right out of the pan. I did!

Truffle Salt from Shockinglydelicious.com [1]Truffle salt note

I use Sabatino & Co. Truffle Salt, which is simply a sea salt with black truffle dust in it. It’s pricy ($15 or so for 3.4 ounces), but worth it. A tiny bit goes a long way, and the truffle perfume offered by a pinch of truffle salt is a relatively affordable way to indulge.