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Fruit Kebabs by an Artist!

Many thanks to talented artist Lisa Orgler, who was so inspired by the natural beauty of my Fruit Kebabs [1] that she did an illustration of them [2]!

I love her delicate style, her color choices, and her design sensibility.

She has a design background in landscape architecture, and is the¬†designer and illustrator of¬†The Lunch Box Project [3]. She describes it as “the blog
where you can snack on food art daily.” Take a tour of her website; I guarantee you’ll smile and then get hungry.

Fruit Kebabs and Nick [4]I posted the Fruit Kebabs [1] back in 2011 as a suggestion for a healthy birthday treat to take in to classrooms (instead of cupcakes) for your child’s birthday. They’ve been a hit at many classroom and other parties since then. One reader who made them for an elegant brunch at her house called them…

“art on a stick.”

I have to agree!

Thanks, Lisa, for truly appreciating the beauty in simple foods, for translating it so well, and most of all, for choosing my Fruit Kebabs as the star of your canvas!

Fruit Kebabs on a tray [5]

Lots of gorgeous fruit is in season during the summer. Aren’t YOU inspired to make a Fruit Kebab?