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8 Creepy, Gross, Great Halloween Foods

1. Shrek’s Dirty Q-Tips. Ewwww!

Monster Marshmallows for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com2. Monster Marshmallows. Kids like to help with these because…sprinkles!

Maggots on Meat for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com3. Maggots on Meat. Wait until you see what the meat really is, and what the maggots really are.

Green Alien Guts for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com4. Green Alien Guts. Or call it Incredible Hulk Innards.

Gory Green Monster Eyeball Dip | ShockinglyDelicious.com5. Gory Green Monster Eyeball Dip. Close your eyes — slimy dip and slimy eyeballs.

Deviled Spider Eggs for Halloween |ShockinglyDelicious.com6. Halloween Deviled Spider Eggs. Arachnophobes beware!

Witches Digits for Halloween | ShockinglyDelicious.com7. Witches’ Digits. The original, and still the best!

Freaky Fruits for Halloween |ShockinglyDelicious.com8. Freaky Fruits. No-added-sugar Halloween anyone? That’s TRULY scary!