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4 Steps to a ‘Greener’ School Lunch

Waste-Free Lunch!

Keep School ‘Green’   

Here’s how:

1.  Reusable drink canteen
(Example: instead of juice boxes or single-serving plastic bottles, get a large bottle of juice and fill your reusable drink container)

2. Reusable lunch box (no paper bags)

3. Instead of plastic sandwich or snack bags, use small plastic or metal reusable containers

4. Instead of buying individually prepackaged goods, get the big pack and portion it into reusable containers
(Example: instead of pre-packaged chip bags or carrot bags, buy a big bag and put a handful in a reusable container).

The only waste we should have after lunch is fruit cores and peels!

Need more ideas for keeping lunchboxes green? Heather at Celtic Mommy has a few! [1]

apple core [2]