• Rosemary Rice Krispies Treats

    by Dorothy Reinhold on May 14, 2011

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    Really, is there anything else to say, except that if you (like 99.9% of the population) love Rice Krispies Treats, you MUST try these?

    Rosemary pairs so well with sweet things that this is a natural.

    Rosemary Rice Krispies Treats

    See the tiny little green flecks in the cookies? That’s the rosemary.

    Then cut them and bring them somewhere, because oh Lord, you had better not keep them at home or you’ll eat them all yourself.

    If you really, really like rosemary, as I do, you might also like to try these:

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    Rosemary Rice Krispies Bars from Shockinglydelicious.com

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