• Great Mac `n Cheese!

    by Dorothy Reinhold on September 17, 2011

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    My neighbor John Liu has become famous in our town for his mac `n cheese.

    Loaded with gruyere and cheddar, this is a comforting, cheesy bomb of goodness topped with crushed Ruffles.

    Yeah, he went there. Forget butter bread crumbs. Ruffles rule.

    Let’s let him show us how to make it…

    Making a roux

    First, he makes a roux with butter and flour.

    Stir the sauce

    Stir the milk into the roux.

    Stir in the seasonings.

    Stir in the cheeses

    Stir in the cheeses -- gruyere and cheddar!

    Mac `n Cheese into the baking dishes

    Stir in the cooked elbow macaroni, and portion it into the baking dishes. Pop into the oven.

    Crushing potato chips

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, crush the Ruffles by hand, and sprinkle in the Parmesan.

    Potato chips onto the mac `n cheese

    With about 10 minutes to go in the oven, sprinkle the potato chips onto the mac `n cheese.

    Potato chips onto the mac `n cheese

    Use all of the parmesan-y potato chips.

    John Liu checks on the mac `n cheese

    Once the chips are on top, watch for browning after about 10 minutes.

    John Liu's mac `n cheese

    Browned and out of the oven!

    Coltrane Liu eats mac `n cheese

    Daughter Coltrane digs in.

    Tovo Liu eats mac `n cheese

    Son Tovo couldn't wait for lunch!

    John Liu

    John Liu gets to sample his mac `n cheese.

    Want to make this delicious mac `n cheese? It’s easy. You can get the recipe over on Malibu Patch in my column today.

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