• ‘Famous Noodles’ — Fried Spaghetti for Potlucks

    by Dorothy Reinhold on June 25, 2011

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    In our town, Hung Le is pretty famous as a potluck guest.

    Whenever he is invited, he is expected to bring his Fried Spaghetti, which all the kids call…ta-da…

    “Hung’s Famous Noodles.”

    This is the Seasoning Sauce, by Golden Mountain.

    It’s an unassuming dish, fairly plain looking, but those who pass it by on the first go-around do so at their peril.

    Trust me, it won’t be there when you come back looking.

    Today the secret is out of the bag, because he is sharing his recipe in my Malibu Taste column over on Malibu.Patch.com. Go read it (and yes, that’s an order!).

    This one’s a keeper for all of you who need a kid-pleasing potluck dish that will gain you entry into any party.

    Hung LeThanks, Hung!

    Hung Le's Famous Noodles

    The Famous Noodles have little bits of fried onion in them. Yum!

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